Exchange Student Zero (s1)

Exchange Student Zero (s1) ep1: Good Old Bad Old Days
Principal Rogerson has disappeared into Zero and a replacement has arrived at the school. Life has taken a turn for the better, or so the students think.
Exchange Student Zero (s1) ep2: Reign of Error
The school turns upside down with the arrival of a Bishonen prince. He is strikingly beautiful deeply troubled self-obsessed and carries a parasol.
Exchange Student Zero (s1) ep3: See Ya Later Gladiator
When an overworked and under-appreciated Amonsun decides to go on strike it doesn't quite have the desired effect.
Exchange Student Zero (s1) ep4: I'll Take The Couch
The leader of the Wolf Soldiers of the 4th Water Principal long-time allies of Hiro's clan needs a place to hide out and the Stitt house seems the perfect choice.
Exchange Student Zero (s1) ep5: Mystic Skater
Max's shortcut to getting himself a valentine and Denmead's opportunistic nature combine to create mayhem.
Exchange Student Zero (s1) ep6: Denmead For Denmead
Card-play goes off the rails when the boys realize they can spin Denmead between worlds at their whim.
Exchange Student Zero (s1) ep7: His Life As A Dog
An inferior set of Battle Day Zero cards is mysteriously released as a giveaway by a potato chip company.
Exchange Student Zero (s1) ep8: Amonsun Under Fire
The boys convince Hiro to run for school captain to thwart Charity's reign at the top. Hiro wins by a landslide and Charity is horrified.
Exchange Student Zero (s1) ep9: Dad To The Bone
Hiro's hidden abilities with a skateboard are put to the test with the arrival of a vengeful skater from another dimension.
Exchange Student Zero (s1) ep10: School Photo
A mysterious school photographer is engaged to take this year’s class photos and for once there are no complaints about the results. The reason? There are no students!
Exchange Student Zero (s1) ep11: Prince Harming
When a school play is not big enough to satisfy Max's theatrical ambitions he takes matters into his own hands...which just happens to be holding the powered-up deck of cards.
Exchange Student Zero (s1) ep12: Sweet Potato
The exchange kids exchange back to their original worlds for some much needed father-and-son time. However distance has not made respective hearts grow fonder.
Exchange Student Zero (s1) ep13: Dead Cute
An unexpected visit by Hiro's parents throws the Stitt household and the entire town into disarray.