Justice League (s1)

Justice League (s1) ep1: Secret Origins (Part 1)
Newly appointed Earth protector Superman and Batman try to combat a meteor storm and an imminent alien invasion.
Justice League (s1) ep2: Secret Origins (Part 2)
Superman and Batman rescue Martian J'onn J'onzz who has come to warn them of the alien attack. They are joined by the superheroes of the Justice League.
Justice League (s1) ep3: Secret Origins (Part 3)
Imperiax, the leader of the alien invaders, imprisons the Justice League so that he can reign unopposed.
Justice League (s1) ep4: In Blackest Night (Part 1)
An alien court in Ajuris sends a group of powerful robot enforcers, the Manhunters, to arrest Green Lantern for causing the death of the planet.
Justice League (s1) ep5: In Blackest Night (Part 2)
Believing that the Green Lantern is being unfairly treated in the court, the Leaguers carry out their own investigation into his 'crime'.
Justice League (s1) ep6: Enemy Below The (Part 1)
Superman's attempts to broker a peace treaty with the king of Atlantis causes a war with the underwater world.
Justice League (s1) ep7: Enemy Below The (Part 2)
The Justice League launch an attack on Orm's ice melting machine in the Arctic, while Aquaman battles his brother for the future of the world.
Justice League (s1) ep8: Injustice for All (Part 1)
Lex Luthor summons a host of super-criminals and offers to pay them to kill Superman and finish the Justice League for good.
Justice League (s1) ep9: Injustice for All (Part 2)
Injustice for All - Part 2: The Injustice Gang set a booby trap to lure the Justice League to their doom. Meanwhile Ultra-Humanite devises a powerful armour for Lex Luthor.
Justice League (s1) ep10: Paradise Lost (Part 1)
Wonder Woman returns home to discover that a sorcerer has turned the Amazons into stone.
Justice League (s1) ep11: Paradise Lost (Part 2)
Batman reveals that Faust will use the three artefacts that Wonder Woman has collected to free Hades from his underworld prison and destroy the world.
Justice League (s1) ep12: War World (Part 1)
Superman and J'onn J'onzz are kidnapped by Mongul slave traders to be gladiators on a savage planet called 'War World'.
Justice League (s1) ep13: War World (Part 2)
Superman withstands Mongul's initial onslaught and is offered a deal to save Draaga's home planet.
Justice League (s1) ep14: Brave and the Bold (Part 1)
Flash and Green Lantern discover that scientists Dr Corwin and Grodd are using people to steal deadly radioactive material for their master plan.
Justice League (s1) ep15: Brave and the Bold (Part 2)
Joining forces, Flash and Green Lantern fight to save Central City from the mind control of an evil supergenius named Gorilla Grodd.
Justice League (s1) ep16: Fury (Part 1)
The Justice League try to stop a renegade Amazon warrior, Aresia, from using a biotech virus that will kill all men and spread chaos throughout the world.
Justice League (s1) ep17: Fury (Part 2)
Batman falls victim to Aresia's plague as the men of Gotham City fall into comas - leaving Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl to stop the fiendish plan themselves.
Justice League (s1) ep18: Legends (Part 1)
Legends - Part 1: The Justice League are accidentally sent into a parallel universe. While in Seaboard City they meet their doppelgangers - the Justice Guild of America.
Justice League (s1) ep19: Legends (Part 2)
The Justice Guild and Martian Manhunter go to the aid of the Flash and Black Siren, while Green Lantern and Hawkgirl investigate....
Justice League (s1) ep20: Knight Of Shadows A (Part 1)
Batman calls in the Justice League to help him keep the mythical Philosopher's Stone away from Middle Ages sorceress Morgaine Le Fay and her son.
Justice League (s1) ep21: Knight Of Shadows A (Part 2)
Morgaine and Mordred try to take back the Philosopher's Stone. However, Wonder Woman manages to escape to London to break the sorceress' spell.
Justice League (s1) ep22: Metamorphasis (Part 1)
Green Lantern's old friend, Rex Mason, is exposed to experimental mutagen rays by his boss, transforming him into the evil mutant Metamorpho.
Justice League (s1) ep23: Metamorphasis (Part 2)
The Justice League stop Metamorpho from killing Green Lantern but he escapes to confront his fiance Sapphire over what her father has turned him into.
Justice League (s1) ep24: Savage Time The (Part 1)
The Justice League return to earth from a mission in deep space to discover that the world is now ruled by a ruthless dictator called Vandal Savage.
Justice League (s1) ep25: Savage Time The (Part 2)
The Justice League prepare their attack against Vandal Savage, in World War II Germany. Meanwhile, help is enlisted to destroy the German defences.
Justice League (s1) ep26: Savage Time The (Part 3)
Green Lantern discovers that Savage plans to invade America with his jet airplane.