Making of a Mogul SA (s1)

Making of a Mogul SA (s1) ep 01: Tiisetso Maloma
Tiisetso Maloma is the owner of Atlargeommunications which helps businesses build and leverage business models.
Making of a Mogul SA (s1) ep 02: Brianson Wier Smith
Brianson Wier Smith, CEO of little Tuscany Boutique hotel in Bryanston, Johannesburg.
Making of a Mogul SA (s1) ep 03: KK Diaz
KK Diaz, CEO of, a business processes and systems company in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Making of a Mogul SA (s1) ep 04: Sean Press
Sean Press, CEO of contact media, a premier boutique media house that places powerful brands infront of valuable audiences.
Making of a Mogul SA (s1) ep 05: Sandile Shezi
Sandile Shezi is SA’s youngest self-made millionaire with an estimated net worth of $2.3 million. Sandile Shezi spent years living in the street.
Making of a Mogul SA (s1) ep 06: Tumi Phake
Tumi Phake, founder and CEO, Zenzele Fitness Group, a gym management business which operates fully-equipped health clubs.
Making of a Mogul SA (s1) ep 07: Forbes Africa
Emmanuel Bonoko was one of the five South African entrepreneurs featured on the Forbes Africa 30 under 30.
Making of a Mogul SA (s1) ep 08: Siphiwe Mkhwane
Siphiwe Mkhwane, CEO of DEV-TECH provides specialized services to public utilities & the private sector.
Making of a Mogul SA (s1) ep 09: Liz Kuhle
Lise Kuhle, CEO of ECO SMART founded in 2010, is a business that manufactures commercially viable products.
Making of a Mogul SA (s1) ep 11: Founders Of POPArt
Hayleigh Evans, Shoki Mokgapa and Orly Shapiro, all three founders of POPArt the hub for creative, awesome content.
Making of a Mogul SA (s1) ep 12: The Luxury Network in Africa
Mike Eilersten, a founding member of The Luxury Network in Africa, a brand building and luxury marketing agency.
Making of a Mogul SA (s1) ep 13: Machere Pooe
Inspired through various sources during her upbringing she did not take her privileged life for granted; instead she branched out and created her own identity.