Da Kink In My Hair (s1)

Rules Are Made To Be Broken
Novelette and Joy end up at odds when they discover Dre in his room with a client’s daughter.
Love Can’t Wrap Up In A Paper
Joy goes into business with Nigel selling homemade hair cream with hopes that he’s interested in more than just making money with her.
Fass And Facety
Joy and Starr clash over clothes and finally team up when Letty forces them to wear the same uniform.
Starr’s integrity is put to the test when she’s given a chance to
attend a Caribana boat cruise party with a singer (Veronika) and become the
woman’s tour stylist.
Empty Bag Can't Stand Up
Novelette has trouble balancing her responsibilities as a mother to Dre with the demands of the salon, and Leanne’s collapse forces a crisis.
Every Hoe Have Him Stick
Starr warms to Nigel and thinks he may stop being a ‘playa’ - but
her timing is off, as Nigel falls for Nikki, a Greek woman.
The Man Of The House
Novelette finds a positive male role model for her son in the form of
‘Big Brother’ Dwayne, but ends up ruining her own chances of a romantic
future with him.
Mouth Open, Story Jump Out
Starr quits after her adoptive white mother (Jackie) confronts her at the salon.
All That Glitters
Joy enters a beauty contest with hopes of using the prize money
towards getting her own place. But Gary’s got definite ideas of what he
wants Joy to do and be.
Mother Of A Day
Novelette’s birthday is ruined when prickly Mrs. ‘Momma’ Campbell
arrives from Jamaica.
Me Throw Me Corne But Me No Call Now Fowl
Gary gives Joy a ‘promise ring’ and invites her to an important client dinner as his significant other.
Starr’s giant crush on the salon’s new receptionist-poet leads her to stick her neck out and plan a night of beat poetry just for him…
Di Heart Of Di Matter
Novelette’s decision to enter a local hair show turns out to be a greater challenge than anyone ever anticipated – especially Joy…