This Just In (s1)

The New Girl at School
Teenager Liz Sandler joins the audio-visual club at her new high school, where she embarks on a mission to create a full-fledged news studio.
Read All About It
After an embarrassing photo of Liz makes school headlines, she is forced to hide from the spotlight.
The Sunnybrook High Talent Show
The TJI crew host the school talent show.
The Rebeccas of Sunnybrook High
An exchange student named Rebecca comes to Sunnybrook who raises the original Becca's ire thinking she will soon be replaced as the most popular girl in the school.
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Cassie stages a protest which gets her and Liz sent to detention. Left alone to run TJI, the rest of the gang direct a new, disastrous version of the show.
The Bully
When Rob angers a bully, he must choose to flee or fight.
Valentine's Day
TJI hosts a Valentine’s Day matchmaking game.  Joe plays Cupid for two young classmates.
House Party
When their parents leave town, Liz and Joe host an epic house party!
Halloween Part 1
When a mysterious culprit destroys the TJI set, the gang investigates.  Rob and Joe compete to collect the most trick-or-treat candy.
Halloween Part 2
When the power goes out on the Sunnybrook High campus, the gang searches for a lost friend.  Rob and Becca discover the school’s basement.
A This Just In Christmas Part 1
Liz is asked to host a TJI holiday special all on her own, and is visited by a ghostly friend.  The rest of the gang learns the value of teamwork.
A This Just In Christmas Part 2
Liz’s friends help her host the TJI holiday special.  The Sandler family visits the Sunnybrook Holiday Parade.
Liz' Top Ten
Liz recounts her favorite moments at Sunnybrook High.
Ladies' Night
Liz hosts a slumber party with her classmates.  When Joe arrives with a friend, the night takes an unexpected turn.
Ladies Night
Liz hosts a slumber party with her classmates.  When Joe arrives with a friend, the night takes an unexpected turn.
Career Exploration Day
Everyone is encouraged to dress for the career path they’d like to follow, but Abby and Martha take it too far.
Math Tutor
Finals have everyone stressed and panicking, so Liz calls in her secret weapon to cinch passing an impossible math test.
Thanksgiving Fundraiser
Everyone is assigned a charity and compete to be the top fundraiser. The winner is to score an amazing prize, but all are surprised at the final outcome.
Thanksgiving Friends and Family
Liz is depressed that with her mother out of town it will be the worst Thanksgiving ever. But her friends aren't about to let that happen.