The L Word (s6)

The L Word (s6)

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The L Word (s6): ep 01
Shane attempts to reconcile with Jenny.
The L Word (s6): ep 02
The return of some familiar faces complicates Bette and Helena's lives.
The L Word (s6): ep 03
Tina finds herself in trouble when the Lez Girls negative is stolen.
The L Word (s6): ep 04
Bette and Tina hit the road to meet a potential birth mother.
The L Word (s6): ep 05
Jenny's latest script sale leads to a tense confrontation with Alice.
The L Word (s6): ep 06
Revelations at Max's baby shower send Helena spiralling out of control.
The L Word (s6): ep 07
Alice begins to suspect something is going on between Tasha and Jamie.
The L Word (s6): ep 08
Bette and Tina prepare to start their new life in New York City.