Come Again 4 - Eps 1

Come Again 4 - Eps 1
2020 . 0 min


  • SABC1 - Mzansi Fo Sho


  • SABC1 - Mzansi Fo Sho


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Katchie’s curiosity for unearthing hidden gems and trying out new versions of a known activity has her signing up for an extraordinary Yoga session. She looks up different Yoga practices and discovers there’s Aerial Yoga not far from her place as she starts her Staycation (a holiday spent at home, involving day trips to local attractions) which is kicked off by having brunch at Sky Dining @Higher Ground restaurant and ends up Paragliding & visiting the upside down house and exploring Harties in all its charm from a different angle.

Come Again, a travelogue variety show now in its 4th Season, with a new host, Katchie Nzama, explores our country as she has never before. The show showcases our extraordinary food, fashion, trends, sub-cultures, limitless adventure, arts & crafts through the eyes of a young curious traveller. Katchie allows the audience to explore Mzansi’s hidden gems in their backyards. Shot from land, above and under the water, this season of the show promises to be a perfect rollercoaster ride.

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