1.1 What is MYPLAY DEOD?

MyPlay Digital Entertainment On Demand (DEOD) is Discover Digital's in conjunction with Mascom, ground-breaking fun new service. It provides affordable premium entertainment using a fresh and vibrant "TV over the Internet" model - entertainment when you want it and how you want it!

MYPLAY DEOD provides a choice selection of quality content - a mix of series, movies, music videos, kids' shows, sports and news programming that appeals to the whole family and it gives you the choice of watching on-the-go or in the comfort of your home.

Why is MYPLAY DEOD ground-breaking and innovative? MYPLAY DEOD is the first converged service available in Africa offering live TV channels as well as video-on-demand titles as part of various subscription options. And it puts you in control: it's the ultimate in Internet television, giving you more on-demand on your TV, PC, or mobile device. It is an African on-demand first.

Hit movies, nail-biting series, heart-racing sport and so much more - MYPLAY DEOD is about keeping you captivated and seamlessly connected to the entertainment you love!

1.2 Who can use MYPLAY DEOD?

Anyone with an Internet connection can visit MYPLAY DEOD, browse the content catalogues and watch a variety of on-the-house content, with absolutely no commitment. To subscribe to any of the On Demand or TV Channel packages, just sign up for the option of your choice.

1.3 What subscriptions are available on MYPLAY DEOD?

MYPLAY DEOD offers a variety of Subscription packages to suit your needs and you can unsubscribe at any time. Sign up to our growing catalogue of premium entertainment, from Hollywood to Nollywood and Bollywood - a mix that includes movies, series, music videos, kids programs and educational and inspirational content, sports and news.

A bit of a series junkie? MYPLAY DEOD Entertainment On Demand lets you catch up and binge on all those series you might have missed on TV or have never been featured on satellite TV. Enjoy hundreds of episodes as well as a selection of your favourite classic movies and the latest trending music videos.

With MYPLAY DEOD, you can also get your daily fix of Sport and News with MYPLAY DEOD's TV Channels - never has sport and news TV been so accessible, flexible and convenient.

Love being connected to your entertainment stream all the time? Want something for everyone in the family? Then choose both with MYPLAY DEOD Premium - Unlimited access to ALL content in our subscription packages including sports, news, series, kids shows, documentaries, cooking shows, music videos and more. You can have it all and put always- anywhere - access in the palm of your hand.

1.4 How does MYPLAY DEOD work?

MYPLAY DEOD is simple and straight forward to use. Accessible on Android and iOS devices over all major browsers (and soon via IPTV Boxes), all you need is an Internet connection to have hours of entertainment at your fingertips.

Browse the catalogue, select your package or title, sign up, and start watching. It's as simple as that! Prefer to watch on your mobile whilst on the go, in a line, waiting for an appointment or lying on the beach? No problem, visit the iOS App store or Android Google Play store, download the app and you are good to go. (*iOS Users must first subscribe on the website to be able view content on their iOS device).

1.5 What are the special features of MYPLAY DEOD?

  • At MYPLAY DEOD we focus on quality and convenience, bringing you a premium customizable Internet television experience.
  • We want you to have a choice of premium content, in an accessible way, at a price you can afford.
  • MYPLAY DEOD doesn't require that you download any complicated software. You only need an Internet connection and data to enjoy
  • The MYPLAY DEOD website is easy to use and user-friendly. Simply visit to subscribe. You can also download the MYPLAY DEOD app on your Android or iOS mobile device to watch on-the-go - just click on a title to watch right away.
  • You get to demand more: watch when it suits you, choosing from the widest variety of films - new and old, either via a subscription or on a pay per view basis depending on the option you prefer.
  • As a MYPLAY DEOD viewer you get to revisit old favourites or discover hit TV shows - whenever. Build a playlist with your own selection for quick and easy access.
  • MYPLAY DEOD's Adaptive Bitrate Technology is designed to automatically detect your connection speed and device and push through the highest quality content profile that your connection can accommodate, ensuring the highest quality streaming for your specific context.
  • MYPLAY DEOD makes it easy for a family to share one account, allowing access to each subscriber on up to five devices with two consecutive streams
  • MYPLAY DEOD features "follow me" technology, which allows you to begin watching on one device and automatically picks up where you left off on another.
  • MYPLAY DEOD provides a variety of on-the-house content so you can experience the service with no commitment. This includes free access to the latest sport news!
  • MYPLAY DEOD offers live TV channels as well as video-on-demand titles as part of the subscription option - an African on-demand first!
  • MYPLAY DEOD allows you to buy vouchers to send to family and friends - what better present to give than the magical world of entertainment!

1.6 What do I watch using MYPLAY DEOD?

You can subscribe to watch movies, live TV channels, series, documentaries and music videos.

2.1 How to get started?

  • Launch the Web portal https://myplay.deod.tv.
  • You first need to register via a browser (PC, Mac and iOS Users) on the MYPLAY DEOD website or via the Android MYPLAY DEOD app.
  • During the sign-up process, you will create a username and password for yourself. You will then be able to use this username and password to log in any time you want. You will be able to use the same username and password for all devices, no matter which device you used to sign up.
  • Once you have registered, you will receive our welcome mailer telling you about all the exciting new releases coming soon to MYPLAY DEOD..
  • You can use the MYPLAY DEOD application on a variety of devices to view your content. Select and download the MYPLAY DEOD application for your device. See the instructions below for iOS and Android devices.
  • Once the app is downloaded onto your device, you can browse the On Demand catalogue, live TV Channels and watch our on-the-house content.
  • iOS device users who wish to Subscribe to a package will need to first subscribe on the MYPLAY DEOD website.
  • Android users can subscribe directly through the MYPLAY DEOD app available in the Google Play Store.

2.1.1 For PCs and Macs:

All browsing and transactions can take place on the MYPLAY DEOD Web portal at myplay.deod.tv using your favourite Web browser.

2.1.2 For iPhone and iPad:

Start the Apple App Store application on your device. Locate or find the MY PLAY DEOD application in the store and download it.

NOTE: All iOS app Subscription transactions must be done through the website first at https://myplay.deod.tv before launching the iOS app.

Once your Subscription has been successfully concluded on the website, you will be able to log into your MY PLAY DEOD app to start streaming.

2.1.3 For Android Phones and Tablets:

Access Google Play Store on your device. Find the MY PLAY DEOD application in the store and download it. You can then start browsing or purchasing titles on the MY PLAY DEOD application immediately. All subscription packages can be purchased directly in the MYPLAY DEOD Android application.

2.1.4 For Windows 8 Phones and Tablets:

Start the Windows Store application on your device. Locate or find the MYPLAY DEOD application in the store and download it. You can then start using the MYPLAY DEOD application immediately. All subscription packages can be purchased directly in the MYPLAY DEOD Android application.

2.1.5 For Smart TVs:

At the current moment you will only be able to watch MYPLAY DEOD content on your TV via an HDMI cable. MYPLAY DEOD is coming to Smart TVs soon! Watch this space…

3.1 MYPLAY DEOD Subscription Packages

MYPLAY DEOD Subscription has various subscription package options including On Demand movies, series, music videos, kids' programmes, educational and inspirational content , sports , news, as well as access to a host of TV channels.

MYPLAY DEOD Premium is a value-combination package including both options.

To select your Subscription package, visit the Packages page , select your desired package, enter your payment details and you are ready to start watching. (iOS users are reminded to complete all package choices on the MYPLAY DEOD website before viewing them on the app)

When you cancel your subscription, your monthly subscription will be cancelled at the end of the billing cycle, 30 days from your initial Subscription date. Thereafter, you will still be able to login and watch on-the-house content until you select a package again.

Subscription packages are currently valid for 30 days and you can choose to renew the following month. Purchase any of our subscription packages and get one month’s free access to MYPLAY DEOD Premium.

3.1.1 Access While Roaming

MyPlay DEOD is not available for usage while roaming.

3.1.2 Subscribe for another user

MyPlay DEOD users are able to purchase the MyPlay SVOD and MyPlay Top-Up bundles for another user.

3.1.3 MyAirtime Manager

The MyPlay DEOD service is only available for access on the Mascom network while the MyAirtime Manager is turned OFF for prepaid users.

3.1.4 Recurring subscriptions

Users are able to set recurring subscriptions of their choice. This means users will be able to set which bundle to be credited to their account and their balance is debited.

3.1.5 Payment Options Available

Users can pay for the available bundles using their Prepaid Airtime or Add to Bill (postpaid customers)

3.2 Data Usage for the MyPlay DEOD bundle

The users will be able to use their SVOD data balances for content viewing. Once the SVOD bundle is depleted, users will then be able to purchase MyPlay DEOD Top-up bundles to continue access. Should users deplete their top-up bundles, the next available data bundles (MyTime, MyMix, MyMeg etc) can be used. If the users does not have any of the above data bundles, continue access will be charged from their airtime balance at the applicable pay-as-you-surf rates.

3.3 What do I pay for MYPLAY DEOD?

Please see our Packages Page for all Subscription Package Costs.

  • Please also check with our Partners for their specific package deals and pricing.
  • Subscription Packages are valid for the defined days and you can watch as much as you like from the catalogs, as many times as you wish, during the subscription validity period.
  • You can link five devices to a single Subscription account, so you only need one account per household.

4.1 Video On Demand (VOD)

Video on Demand (VOD) adds a whole new dimension to visual entertainment - it's all on your terms!

Much like the local video store of old, VOD provides one-stop access to a selection of TV show box sets and movies, but there's a twist - your VOD store is online and always within reach. It provides you with new ways to access old and new shows, and it's personalized - you get to choose what you watch and when. It also brings added benefits: access to music videos, kids content, local content, educational content and, in the case of MYPLAY DEOD, sports and news content too.

MYPLAY DEOD offers various subscriptions options - Subscription VOD gives you access to a catalogue of content over a defined subscription period, either weekly, a weekend or a monthly.

How fresh is VOD content?

TV Shows:

  • The first rights to screen a TV series are bought by a particular network or media company, either exclusively or non-exclusively.
  • Usually this network or company (often a PayTV service) will buy life of series rights of a big show, meaning they will always get the newest season first and exclusively before anyone else.
  • After this season has run on the network, a second lot of rights are sold to other companies or networks, usually other PayTV or Free-to-Air TV networks, or Online Subscription option
  • VOD services.
  • This means VOD services generally offer older seasons of a show, while the latest season of a show traditionally runs on PayTV.
  • The exception to this is if a VOD service produces its own original content, in which case it will run the latest show on its VOD service.

MYPLAY DEOD's Subscription VOD service allows you to pick and choose from a large range of entertainment options, to catch up on a series you may have missed on TV, to discover older content for the first time, and to view shows when and how you like on a device of your choice. This means you can go back and revisit those evergreen classics you just want to watch over and over again, or binge watch box sets in one sitting. VOD broadens and enriches your entertainment options.

4.2 Internet TV

Internet TV allows you to access TV channels over the Internet rather than via a satellite. This means with MYPLAY DEOD, you can access news and sports channels over the Internet and watch on the go on your mobile device or your PC - no TV subscription needed!

The MYPLAY DEOD subscription service allows you to watch TV packages on their own or take a mix of VOD and TV Channels - as you prefer. At MYPLAY DEOD we are all about choice! *TV Channels will only be available on MyPlay DEOD from Q1 2019

5.1 What devices are supported by MYPLAY DEOD?

  • PCs, Macs, Android smartphones, iOS smartphones, and Google Chromecast and Apple TV

  • Browsers and OS versions supported

  • Windows 8.1 and higher versions are supported
  • Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 10 do not require any plug in
  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Firefox 35+
  • Linux computers and Safari browsers are not supported
    • Mobile Phones Operating Systems
      • iPhone (iOS 7.0 and higher)
      • Android (Android 4.1 and higher)
    • Tablets
      • iPhone (iOS 7.0 and higher)
      • Android Tablets (Android 4.1 and higher)

      • Google Chromecast

        What is Chromecast?

        Chromecast is streaming media player that plugs into your TV via HDMI. With Chromecast, you can play movies, series and live TV channels on your TV using your Android smartphone or Android tablet. Using your device of choice with Chromecast, you can control and choose what you want to play.

        How do I connect my Chromecast?
      • Plug your Chromecast into an HDMI port of your TV.
      • Turn on the Wi-Fi of your Android smartphone or Android tablet.
      • Set your TV to the same Wi-Fi network as your device.
      • Follow the Chromecast prompts that will appear on your TV.
      • Download the latest version of the DEOD App from the Playstore for your Android device.
      • When within range of your Chromecast media player device, the Cast icon (a little square on the right hand top corner) will show on your device. Simply select the movie/TV show that you would like to watch, press the Cast icon to connect Chromecast and watch!
      • To learn more on how to setup your Chromecast media player click here

      • What do I need to use Chromecast on MYPLAY DEOD?

        You need to install your MYPLAY DEOD Android app, Chromecast dongle, an HDTV with a HDMI port, a stable Wi-Fi connection. The Chromecast stick includes a USB cable for power and a power adapter. You can control the device with smartphones or tablets running on Android.

    5.2 Can I use MYPLAY DEOD abroad?

    MYPLAY DEOD is only available in selected countries in Africa. Due to content rights, we are not allowed to provide you with this service when you travel abroad.

    5.3 What is the video quality like?

    MYPLAY DEOD utilizes a special streaming technology known as Adaptive Bit Rate technology that automatically adapts to your Internet connection speed and your device. The higher your Internet connection speed, the better the video quality will be. If you have a high-speed Internet connection (4Mbps and higher), you will get the best video quality. If you have a low speed Internet connection speed (1 to 2Mbps and lower), you will still be able to watch video content, but not at the best quality we provide.

    5.4 Do I pay for data when using MYPLAY DEOD?

    Yes. Streaming movies uses data. See point 5.5 below. You will pay your Internet Service Provider for data use.

    5.5 What Internet line speed do I need to use MYPLAY DEOD?

    You will require a minimum speed of 2Mbps but we recommend a 4Mbps (or faster) line to ensure a consistent stream and a great viewing experience, especially if you have more than one user on the line or multiple devices streaming at the same time.

    MYPLAY DEOD's Adaptive Bit Rate technology automatically adapts to your Internet connection speeds and your device. Thanks to this technology, you will be able to use MYPLAY DEOD at broadband speeds as low as 512kbps. Of course, the higher your Internet connection speed, the better the video quality will be.

    In terms of managing your data spend, this is an average guide to assist you:

    • Overall, you will use an average of 900MB to 1GB of data per movie depending on your line speed - the faster the line and the higher the quality of the visuals, the more data you will use.
    • So, for example, using a 4Mbps line, a 90-minute movie will use approximately 1,5GB data, while a 30-minute episode of a TV series will use between 400MB and 600MB.*

    * This is an approximate value that provides a rough guide to data usage. Data consumption is subject to individual line utilisation.

    5.6 Can I use multiple applications at the same time?

    Yes, you can use multiple versions of the MYPLAY DEOD applications (iOS and Android) on different devices at the same time. However, you can only use up to a maximum of five different devices per account with two concurrent streams. The device limit is set by content rights holders.

    5.7 Can I use the same application on multiple devices at the same time?

    You can use the MYPLAY DEOD application on multiple devices and you can link up to five different devices to a single account with two concurrent streams.

    5.8 How many programs can I watch concurrently on different devices?

    You can have two concurrent streams, meaning two people can watch different programmes on one MYPLAY DEOD account, on different devices, at the same time.

    6.1 Where can I manage my own account and profile settings?

    Customers have full control of their MYPLAY DEOD account (profile) via "My Account".

    You can:

    • Edit your profile or change your password
    • View your payment history
    • Unsubscribe to cancel your subscription
    • Manage devices (with only one device change permitted per month)
    • Manage Parental Control settings

    6.2 How do I get a password?

    During the sign-up process, you will create both your username and password. You will use these to log into MYPLAY DEOD.

    6.3 I forgot my password - what now?

    Click on "forgot your password" on the login screen. Follow the instructions on-screen, and your username and password will be sent to you.

    7.1 Can I subscribe to multiple monthly subscription packages at the same time?

    No.You can only purchase a single subscription at a time.

    7.2 I have an active package, what will happen when I change my package?

    When you subscribe to a package other than the one you already have, your old package subscription will automatically expire on the 30-day anniversary of your initial subscription renewal date, whilst the additional package subscribed to at a later date, will continue until its expiry on its 30-day anniversary date.

    You will be able to watch the content of your current package until the end of its period.

    You can see active package/s under My Account.

    7.3 How do I cancel my monthly subscription package?

    On any of the MYPLAY DEOD applications, navigate to the My Account screen. If you are not signed-in, sign in. Select your package and click on the UNSUBSCRIBE button. Cancellation takes effect at the end of the current billing cycle, so you can continue viewing the content on the package until the end of the subscription period.

    8.1 What does renting a movie mean?

    The Rent section of MYPLAY DEOD allows you to browse a catalogue of some of the greatest and latest movie releases, and rent them on a pay-per-view basis. The Rent section includes two type of movies:

    • Library titles, which are slightly older but are either classics or big blockbusters; and
    • Currents, the latest award-winning and block buster titles made available three months after their cinema release.

    To rent a title, browse the Rent section on the website (for iOS users). If you are using the Android app, you can select a movie on the website using the browser on your device. You will be prompted to enter your payment details. If you are an iOS user, the movie will appear in the playlist on your device once you have rented the title on the website, or you can simply watch it on the website.

    Once you have paid the rental price of the movie, you have a 48-hour window to watch the movie from the first time you press play. You can watch the title as many times as you like in this period. Once it expires, you cannot watch the movie, and you will need to rent it again to watch it.

    8.2 How do I rent a movie?

    Click on the movie you wish to rent and then click on the RENT button. Once you complete the renting process, you can watch the movie for 48 hours from the first time you press play. See 7.1 above for the process iOS users must follow to rent a movie.

    8.3 How do I pay for a movie rental?

    When you select the movie you wish to rent, you are automatically guided to enter your payment details and are then charged using the payment method you have selected. See 7.1 above for the process for iOS users.

    8.4 How can I watch a movie I rented?

    Once you have made the payment, you will automatically be given access to the title.

    Simply click on the WATCH button of the movie and start watching.

    You are not limited to watching the movie on the Android device or PC you rented it on. You can watch a rented movie on any linked device using the MYPLAY DEOD application.

    8.5 How many movies can I rent?

    You can rent up to five movies in a 24 hour period per studio restrictions. You can also rent a movie again and again once the 48-hour rental window expires, especially if your kids demand it! See 8.1 above for the process iOS users must follow to rent a movie.

    8.6 Can I download the movies onto my computer?

    No. You cannot currently download the movies onto a computer or any device. You can only stream movies when you are connected to the Internet. This functionality will however be available soon!

    Once you have paid the rental price of the movie, you have a 48-hour window to watch the movie from the first time you press play. You can watch the title as many times as you like in this period. Once it expires, you cannot watch the movie, and you will need to rent it again to watch it.

    9.1 I don't know my username and password.

    You need to sign up to create a username and password. You will then be able to log in with the username and password you created during sign up. If you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking on "forgot your password".

    9.2 I cannot log in.

    Please be sure that you are entering the right username and password. You need to use the username and password that you created during the sign-up process. If you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking on "forgot your password".

    9.3 I forgot my username and password. How can I get it?

    Click on "forgot your password" on the login screen. Follow the instructions on the screen, and you will be sent your username and password.

    9.4 I cannot see any WATCH button for series or movies.

    For the movie Rental option, ensure you have completed the payment process and payment was successful. The WATCH button will automatically appear on Rental movies after you have successfully completed the rental payment for the movie. See 8.1 above for process for iOS users.

    If you have subscribed to the monthly On Demand package, the WATCH button will appear on the titles you choose to watch when the subscription payment has been successfully completed and activated.

    9.5 When I try to watch a TV channel, I see the message "Please check that you're logged in or subscribe to a package". What does this mean?

    TV channels are offered as a monthly subscription package. You need to subscribe to the TV Channels packages to watch the TV channels. The message you see means that you have an active On Demand subscription package but not the TV Channel package that you are trying to watch.

    9.6 Video is not playing.

    Please check your Internet connection. If you do not have any Internet connection, you will see a message notifying you that you are not currently connected.

    If you have an Internet connection but you still cannot watch the video (you either have a blank screen or a loading indicator), this means that your Internet connection is too slow or poor to watch a video. Please use an Internet connection with at least a 512Mbps speed. For best results, a connection with a minimum speed of 2Mbps should be used.

    9.7 Video quality is not the best.

    This happens when you have a slow Internet connection of 512Mbps or lower. If you are using a small screen, lower quality video is sometimes tolerable. If you are using a big screen like laptop or Smart TV with a slow Internet connection, video quality may be poor, with lots of pixilation. The higher your Internet connection speed, the better the video quality will be.

    9.8 Video quality is not great for the first few seconds of the movie.

    MYPLAY DEOD utilizes a special streaming technology called Adaptive Bit Rate technology that automatically adapts to your Internet connection speeds and your device. MYPLAY DEOD streams a lower quality stream for the first few seconds to launch the video faster. DEOD then starts streaming a higher quality picture which is based on your Internet connection speed.

    You may also experience degradation of quality while watching. This is because your Internet speed is changing. While you are watching a video on MYPLAY DEOD, we strongly suggest that you do not use the same Internet connection for other purposes simultaneously, such as heavy downloads. Running other large file downloads while you are watching can seriously affect your watching experience. Watching multiple videos at the same time on multiple devices using the same Internet connection can also affect your viewing experience.

    9.9 When I change channel, the video quality is not great for the first few seconds!

    As per 9.9 above, MYPLAY DEOD utilizes a special streaming technology called Adaptive Bit Rate technology that automatically adapts to your Internet connection speed and your device. MYPLAY DEOD streams a lower quality stream for first few seconds to launch the video faster.MYPLAY DEOD then starts streaming visuals at a higher quality best adapted to your current Internet connection speed.

    Prepaid Call Centre: 111 Postpaid Call Centre: 129

    Facebook: http:facebook.com/Mascom

    Twitter: @mascom

    Instagram: @mascombw